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xpyrojohnx: *I'm slowly packing things in my bag, getting ready for the trip to Kitty's parents place. The reason it's going so slowly is mainly because I'm taking my time while listening to my music at an annoyingly loud volume, because music was not designed to be played quietly. I shove another pair of jeans into the bag and head over to the closet to pick out some shirts.*

kttpryde: *I knock lightly on John's bedroom door and without waiting for an answer from inside, I phase right through. Bouncing over to you I grin excitedly* Hey! How's the packing going? I just got off the phone with Doug and he's totally psyched about the whole trip! *Almost as an afterthought, I lean up and press a quick kiss to your cheek. My attention quickly shifting again* So what've you still got to do? And what's with the awful choice in music?

xpyrojohnx: I roll my eyes slightly and walk over to the stereo, turning the volume down so that it's quieter.* It's not terrible, it's better than that N*Sync rubbish that you insist on playing all the time. *I smirk slightly.* And the packing’s going okay, I need to pack some more shirts and stuff. I'm taking my time though as packing normally means 'lets shove things in a bag as quickly as possible cause I need to get out of here now' *I shrug, putting some random articles of clothing in my bag.* Let me guess though, you've already finished packing?

kttpryde: Yeah, there's not much for me to pack, just some clothes for traveling. I'm going home, remember? I've got a wardrobe full of stuff there. *I reply quickly with a giddy smile. Though the smile has more to do with the word 'home' than with the lack of things to pack. Hopping up on the bed, I swing my legs distractedly and look around the room. Wrinkling my nose at the choice of some of the posters, I tap my fingers on my knees and then grin at you*

xpyrojohnx: Yeah home. Well, this is my home so you know, all my clothes are here.*I grin at you.* And you know, I'm feeling slightly jealous now, you never get this giddy over me. *I tease you gently, ignoring the look you give the posters, cause they're not all mine you know!*

kttpryde: *Giggling, I shake my head at you* Well duh! I see you like, every single day of my life. I can't get away from you in this place. But I haven't seen my parents and Doug in absolutely ages so I'm and easily excitable. *Pausing for a moment before adding* Well, that's what Rogue's saying about me anyway.

xpyrojohnx: You haven't had any coffee today have you? *I tease.* And Rogue is always coming out with pearls of wisdom anyway. But I guess I owe her one seeing how she got me through my finals and everything. Maybe I should give her some ice cream or something. *I ponder to myself before shrugging slightly.* Rogue issues aside, you need to chill out a little bit.

kttpryde: Nope, Mr. Logan refused to give me any this morning for some reason. I think he maybe wanted it all for himself or something. *I reply matter-of-factly before smiling sheepishly* And yeah, I know I do. I got kicked out the rec room 'cause I was like, talking a mile a minute and distracting everyone from the TV. *Flopping back on the bed, I stare at the ceiling* So, um, chilling out as we speak. Or as I speak even.

xpyrojohnx: I'm not surprised they kicked you out, I would kick you out of my room but you're kind of entertaining like this. *I grin and sit down beside you, looking down at you.* Also, I'm scared for my electrical equipment if you get pissed off.

kttpryde: *Grinning wickedly* Smart boy. It's a pity the guys downstairs didn't think of that. *I close my eyes and sigh* But I'm totally calm now, like perfectly so. I just need to channel my energy into something else and I'll be less hyper. *Giggling, I add with an impish smile* Or take a sedative 'cause that works too y'know.

xpyrojohnx: Please tell me you didn't destroy anything downstairs, because I really don't want you to have your permission for leaving taken away from you, cause that would make you upset and I don't want to be stuck with a sulking girlfriend, thanks very much. *I smirk ever so slightly.* And what type of thing do you want to channel your energy into? Cause if it's boring I'll just give you a sedative and send you back to your room.

kttpryde: *Opening my eyes, I look up at you and reply innocently* Of course not. Everything's safe as houses, trust me. *Though I'm keeping my expression as guilt-free as possible, I decide that a quick change of subject is definitely needed. I tug gently on your sleeve and smile coyly* Hmm, what could I channel my energy into?

xpyrojohnx: *I nod, wondering exactly how much damage had been done to the rec room but I decide to keep with the change of subject and I smirk at you ever so slightly while also moving ever so slightly closer to you.* Oh I don't know, I was hoping that you could tell me, it is your energy after all.

kttpryde: *Lowering my voice to just above a whisper* Well, it's a little hard to put into words. And I would show you but I'm far too comfortable to move. *I shrug indifferently and talk in my normal tone again* Guess I'll just have to sleep it off.

xpyrojohnx: *I roll my eyes before standing up and walking over to my chest of drawers where I pull out some T-shirts and put them in my bag.* Well you're on my bed, feel free to use it. *I smirk ever so slightly.* However if you're still sleeping when I want to use my bed you will have to move over a bit, also the music may make it hard to sleep as well.

kttpryde: *Sitting up, I stifle a yawn* Oh I can't sleep through anything, don't worry about that. *I hop off the bed and smile at you* But my own bed's way comfier than this one so I think I'll go crash there. *Winking at you before I phase through the door* Have fun packing!

xpyrojohnx: *I roll my eyes.* That girls going to be the death of me. *I murmur while considering going after you. Instead I just turn my music up to it's top volume, hoping that it's annoying you in your room as I continue to pack*
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