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Valentine: *I've been watching John for the past few days, watching him with that little freak girlfriend of his. I've been waiting for a chance to get him alone, to talk to him, to make him come home when I see them leave and start driving towards Chicago. Waiting for a few minutes before I start to follow them, I wonder if this could possibly be my chance. They end up going to a mall and I follow them in, still watching and waiting.*

John: *Kitty wants to go clothes shopping, which is never a good thing as it ends up with me being very bored and will probably lead to me making stupid comments which will lead to us arguing so we make some plans to meet later and I head over to the music store to look through the C.D's.*

Valentine: *She finally leaves and John heads into the CD store. That much hasn't changed over the years, I suppose. Waiting for another moment so I can catch my breath, I enter the CD store and walk up to him slowly* John?

John: *I jump slightly and look up at you and I think about running away from this situation because I really don't want to deal with this.* Uh, hi? *Oh yes, John, what a fabulous way of greeting your brother that you haven't seen in two years.*

Valentine: *I grin as I see you again. It's been so long, well so long since I've actually been close enough to reach out and hug you, which I do now, my arms closing around you* Baby brother...

John: *I slowly return the hug. I'm not sure about what I should be doing or how I should be acting, this isn't really a situation I've thought much about - seeing any of my family that is.* Hey, Val.

Valentine: *I have to remind myself not to let you know what I've been watching for you these last couple months* I never thought... I never thought I would see you again. Mom and Dad... We miss you so much, John.

John: *I never was very good at dealing with people guilt tripping me, normally it just lead to me doing something stupid.* Why would you miss me? *I take a step back away from you and shove my hands into my pockets, it's times like this when I really wish Kitty hadn't taken all my lighters and cigarettes off of me, I would kill for something to do apart from look up at my big brother.*

Valentine: *This was not how it was supposed to be. I frown slightly, my arms falling to my sides* Because you are my brother. My baby brother. Why wouldn't I miss you? You've been gone for years, I never thought... Never thought I would see you again, y'know?

John: You've got Francis and Patrick, I'm not the only other boy in our obnoxiously large family. *I point out, getting rather defensive.* Yeah, well, you're seeing me now. Happy?

Valentine: John... *I sigh, I should have known better* They're not you. There's only one Saint John, and that is you. *stuffing my hands in my pockets* You left without saying anything. So yes, I'm happy that I get to see you again.

John: Don't call me that, no one calls me that anymore unless they're just trying to piss me off, which normally results in them getting hurt. *It's almost an automatic reaction to threaten people when they call me anything apart from 'John' or 'Pyro'.* And I didn't want to say anything when I left, it's not like I could exactly explain why I was leaving.

Valentine: I'm sorry. *It's almost automatic* I won't call you that anymore if it makes you uncomfortable. *I fidget slightly* But something would have been better than nothing. And I wouldn't have told, you know me. But you were just gone and I didn't know why. I'm supposed to be your big brother, I'm supposed to protect you and one morning I wake up to find you gone.

John: *I sigh, having these type of conversations is never easy. No matter how many times I seem to have them with everyone.* Well the reason I left wasn't exactly the type of thing anyone could protect me from, Val. *I sigh.* Look, can we leave this store or something, I want to buy some cigarettes.

Valentine: Yeah, but... I could have at least done something, y'know? *I run a hand through my hair* Yeah, sure. *I didn't know you were a smoker now, but whatever. It doesn't matter, because here we are, talking again after so long*

John: *I nod slightly before walking out of the store, I know that you're following me but I don't say anything to you until I've got a packet of cigarettes and a green disposable lighter in my hands.* Look, Val, there was nothing you could have done, unless you somehow know how to change my genetic code or something. *I pick out a cigarette and place it between my lips, lighting it with a quick flick of my lighter. I know that Kitty will kill me for smoking but I don't really care.*

Valentine: *I watch you for a moment as I think. Should I tell you? I mean, you could just not use those powers and you'd be alright. You wouldn't be one of them, one of those damned freaks.* No, I can't do that. But you aren't alone either, ok? I mean, in our family, you aren't the only one... I just don't use mine.

John: *I almost drop the cigarette, that wasn't exactly the reaction I was expecting and it's shocked me a little bit but I quickly recover, bringing the cigarette to my lips and slowly breathing the smoke out, trying to calm myself down.* What can you do? And I already know I'm not alone, I have friends and stuff that are like me.

Valentine: *My eyes dark slightly when you ask me what I can do, but you probably should know. I just hate talking about... that.* I can heal people. Not myself, but if I'm touching someone else I can. *quiets* So you've got a lot of friends?

John: *I nod.* Nice power. *I shrug, thinking of Bobby, Kitty and Rogue.* i wouldn't say a lot exactly, but I have friends and I've got people that at least pretend to care about me. So I'm doing okay now. *I try to get off the subject of the school and everything else.* So, how are mom and dad and the kids?

Valentine: *I listen carefully, remembering their names and grin* The kids? You mean your brothers and sisters? *I laugh* They're doing ok, you know how they are. Mom's ok, and dad... Well, dad is dad. He hasn't changed at all.

John: *I nod.* I didn't really expect any of them to change, Val but I thought I should ask about them anyway, be polite and all that, especially as I haven't seen any of them in two years. *I flick the lighter on and off, feeling the power of the flame at the edge of my consciousness even though I don't do anything with it.*

Valentine: Maybe you should come by one day. It doesn't have to be today, but one day, y'know? We miss you. All of us. Especially some of our younger siblings and you know how I feel. Even if it's just to say 'hi' we are your family.

John: I know you're my family, but I can't come by. Just tell them I said 'hi' or something, think of something cool and tell them I said it. *I shrug, looking out for Kitty now, although I'm not sure if I want her to come and rescue me or to stay as far away from me as possible right now.*

Valentine: Then maybe we could go out or something. Even if you don't want mom and dad to come, we still miss you. You're our brother too. *I quiet as I watch you looking around, probably looking for that freak girlfriend of yours* But whatever.

John: I can't do it. I've spent the last two years avoiding you guys, I don't exactly want to spend a day with you all. *I look up at you.* Look is that it? Can I go now? It's just that I have things to do, people to see, houses to burn down and you're kinda cramping my style, bro.

Valentine: *I wince at your words and I wish I could say they didn't hurt, but they do.* I... yeah... Whatever. Let me at least give you my cell number, in case you change your mind. Or you decide that you want to meet up for coffee or lunch or something, ok?

John: *I sigh.* Sure, whatever. *I put the cigarette out with just a thought and I drop the butt to the floor.* You might as well have a contact number for me as well, I can't promise I'll talk to you but at least you'll have something.

Valentine: *I smile a little as I take a pen out of my pocket. I look around for something to write on and end up tearing two strips off a poster. I write my number on one and hand you both slips of paper and my pen* Call, anytime ok?

John: *I scribble the number of the school down on the piece of paper and I hand it back.* You'll have to ask for me, I live at a school. *I shrug slightly.* And I might ring, if I suddenly get hit by a pang of nostalgia and I want to speak to a member of my family. *My tone suggests that I wont though and truthfully I have no idea what I want to do right now, the knowledge that I could go and visit my family is too powerful and I just want to run away from the temptation.*

Valentine: Ok. *I try not to get upset about your tone, but I can hope. And if that doesn't work... I'm just as stubborn as you are.* Right. Just don't hesitate ok? I won't even tell mom and dad if you don't want me to. *smiles*

John: It's not like there's anything mom and dad can do, is it? They haven't done anything so far and it has been two years. And what are they gonna do, drag me home by my hair? *I roll my eyes.*

Valentine: *I reign in my desire to snap back that we have been looking for you, but they only have so much money* I just meant... If you don't want to talk to them because of how they are, I won't tell them anything either.

John: Of course I don't want to talk to them, I don't want to talk to any of you, if I did don't you think i would have called home by now? I do still remember the number, y'know. *I sigh, trying to keep my temper.* If I wanted to talk to you all, I would have gone back to our parents house. *I can't even bring myself to call it my home anymore and I push a hand through my hair and sigh.* Look, I should just go.

Valentine: *That does sting and more than a little bit.* No, I'll go. I just... *shrugs* I just wanted to talk to you, because I do miss you. I'll see you around John. *And with that I turn away, walking down the street, the piece of paper with your number written on it still in my hand.*

John: *I flick my lighter on but the knowledge that Kitty would not be pleased if I burnt down the mall fills my mind and I just pull out another cigarette and smoke it, trying to calm my nerves and temper before shoving the piece of paper with your number on it into my pocket and going back in to find my girlfriend.*
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