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Rules, regulations and other things that you all need to know.

Okay, firstly rules:

1) If a post is rated NC-17 then label it as such please. Also if there's anything that you think needs a warning (such as violence, bloodplay, rape etc) then please label it so people don't get squicked by accident.

2) Try to show us that your alive at least once every two weeks. You don't have to do a post, a log or a comment in someone's journal or just talking to me, the mod, about the game is fine. If you don't post every two weeks then it is possible that I will start NPC-ing your character and you might loose the character as well.

3) If you're going to be away because you're going on holiday, exams or whatever then please let me know so that a) I don't worry and b) I don't give your character away.

4) There will be slash, het and gen here. Don't argue with it. Don't complain to me about it. Consider this a warning about it.

5) If you have any problems then let me know. I don't bite, well not unless you ask me nicely anyway ;)


7) Please have contact info on your characters user info page. The contact info does not have to be specific to your character but it is needed.

8)Have fun! Okay, that's a crap rule, but I had to put it there!

Secondly a note on play.

Things posted in xmen_journal can only be seen by the x-men and those that live at/attend Xaviers school for gifted children. This means that people in the brotherhood will not be able to read it. You as a player can read it, but your character can't.

It also works the same way for things posted in brotherhood_xm, those things cannot be seen by the X-men.

Things posted in personal journals however will be viewable to all people. This means that if something about a mission is posted in a personal journal the other team can use it to their advantage.

Comments on journals are encouraged as methods of communication between people - so if you want something to be private then state it otherwise it will be seen and, probably, commented on.

Action will be done via logs on Trillian/AIM (whichever one you happen to have) or they will be talked about and then written up in a journal entry.
For example, not all classes will be done as a log but if a lesson was particularly terrible then all people involved will be informed before hand so they can mention it in an entry.

And I think that's it. If you need to know anything else then please contact me on AIM at poisonskin rogue or e-mail me.
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