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xpyrojohnx: *Okay, so I fell into bed but I can't sleep, in fact I just want more ice cream, more yummy, nummy ice cream. I look over to the other side of the room but your asleep, and it's not a good thing to go looking for ice cream in the middle of the night without the Icecube. I stand up to get out of bed but the room spins and I end up falling over and making a rather loud banging sound.* Oops. *I giggle again before walking over to you and shaking you.* C'mon Icecube, wake up. I want ice cream!

Arctic Ice Bobby: ::My eyelids flicker a little bit before I finally crawl away from the land of unconsciousness. Slowly, I open my eyes, your constant urging getting to my nerves. Catching the words ice cream in your words to me, I surmise that you're either drunk, or in need of a good slap for waking me up in the middle of the night:: What do you want, John? Go away!

xpyrojohnx: *I pout* I want ice cream! Gettup! *I tug on your arm to try to get you out of bed.* C'mon. The Pretty Kitty's gone to bed and I want ice cream so come with me. Please? I'll let you eat vanilla!

Arctic Ice Bobby: ::I pull my arm back and way from you. I curl into a fetal position, my mind very much set against going anyway outside the vicinity of my warm blankets:: No, John! Its the bloody middle of the night! Go get it yourself

xpyrojohnx: *I glare at you.* Fine! But you'll have to face the Pretty Kitty's wrath when I fall down the stairs and die! *I nod as if this is a perfect argument for anything.* I then switch the light on before leaving the room and then I walk out into the hall, giggling as I go.*

Arctic Ice Bobby: ::I cringe in annoyance as you leave. After trying to go back to sleep and not succeeding, I haltingly make my off my bed and trundle across the floor to turn off the lights:: He probably can't even make his way down the stairs in his condition ::I mutter as I poke my head out the door to see how far you've gone without collapsing on the floor from poor co-ordination::

xpyrojohnx: *I'm giggling as I walk down the hall to the stairs and I get to them and look at them with a degree of concentration.* Now I managed to walk up them, but can I get down? *I have enough sense to hold onto the hand rail as I slowly walk down the stairs, swaying a little and giggling as I do.*

Arctic Ice Bobby: ::Knowing that I'd probably kill myself if you ever fall down the stairs and get hurt, I rush out the door, managing to close it behind me. I quickly run after you, my steps a little clumsy from sleep:: God damn it, John! Go back to sleep! You can have ice cream later! ::I try to guide you down the stairs with actually obtrusively helping you::

xpyrojohnx: Don't wanna sleep. I'm hungry. *I grin at you and giggle a little.* And going back to sleep would imply that I've already slept, which I haven't. You should think before you speak, Icecube. *I grin and continue to walk down the stairs, clinging to the rail as I get rather dizy and almost fall over.* Ooh, head rush.

Arctic Ice Bobby: ::I sigh and take your in mine to slowly lead you down the stairs:: Fine. We'll get your ice cream. But you'd better promise me that after the ice cream, you're going to go back upstairs to our room and actually sleep when I put you to bed. Don't make me have nightmares or there's going to be worse than ice flakes stuck in your hair when morning comes. ::I half support you towards the kitchenette and then let you sit down on a stool::

xpyrojohnx: *I grin.* Nope, having nightmares leads to me being freezing cold, which is a bad thing. But nightmares aren't nice anyway. *i hop up on the stool.* Are you going to make me drink yucky coffee as well? Cause Pretty Kitty did, which was after the shower talk and the singing. She day dreams about me in the shower! *I say rather proudly before realising that that's not the type of thing that I'm supposed to talk about.* She's going to kill me for saying that, isn't she?

Arctic Ice Bobby: ::I raise my eyebrow, my lips twisting into a sympathetic grimace:: I suppose so. ::Shaking my head, I open the fridge and look for the tubs of ice cream. Bringing out a tub of chocolate ice cream and another of vanilla, I look around for two spoons before setting them down on the table and taking a seat across from you. I slide one of the spoons across to you and open up the lid of the ice cream tubs:: There you go. Enjoy your ice cream. And please, don't tell me about the coffee, or the shower, or the daydreams. They aren't really things I want to know about.

xpyrojohnx: She just made me coffee cause I'm drunk and it was supposed to sober me up, worked a little, but not a lot. *I take of the lid and dig my spoon into the ice cream and eat some.* I mentioned pens as well, but you don't want to hear about it so I wont explain. *I grin.* Maybe I shouldn't drink as much next time, it seems to get me into trouble.

Arctic Ice Bobby: ::I roll my eyes as I open my own tub of vanilla ice cream and dig in. I carefully lick the spoon free of ice cream every time it leaves my mouth as is my habit. I don't seem to be as enthusiastic about the ice cream in front of me as I normally should be, all things considered:: You're drunk, John. Its alright.

xpyrojohnx: *I grin and eat more of the ice cream.* Next time I'll take you with me! Maybe we could get arrested, although that would be bad, fun but bad. *I giggle some more.* Sorry i woke you up, but I was bored and wanted ice cream, and I've been away so I thought it would be nice to bring you along.

Arctic Ice Bobby: ::Sighing:: Silly John. I suppose getting drunk wa supposed to relieve your boredom too. I'll make sure that I'll be out of the room by the time you get up in the morning so that I won't have to deal with you on a hangover. ::Smirking slightly:: Besides, I'll take it back one day. You do realise of course that you owe me one for this?

xpyrojohnx: *I shake my head.* Wasn't bored, was stressed out because of finals and I didn't want to set anymore books on fire. *I shrug.* I always owe you one and I don't even want to think about hangovers, just don't open the curtains, switch on the lights or talk to me and I'll be fine. Hangovers are easy to deal with if your asleep, I learnt that when I was 13 and got drunk at Christmas once.

Arctic Ice Bobby: ::I snort:: We'll see. It depends on how much you plan to pay back. You did turn the lights on and laugh hysterically out of the room just now while I was trying to sleep so the curtains might stay shut. I'll try to make sure no one disturbs you, but I cant guarantee anything about Kitty. I'm guessing you wouldn't care for any N*Sync music seeping through?

xpyrojohnx: She plays N*Sync and I'll set her C.D's on fire and then break up with her, N*Sync is bad enough when I'm not hung over, them with their 'Bye, bye bye's' *I roll my eyes before singing the chorus to the song, ending with a roll of my eyes* It's crap, they have no lyrical talent whatsoever!

Arctic Ice Bobby: ::I close the lid to my tub of ice cream quite firmly:: Ok, John. If you say so. Now, if you've finished, lets put you back to bed?

xpyrojohnx: Not sleepy! *I grin.* Can we go outside? I want to swim! Can we swim? C'mon, let's swim. *I hop of the stool and grab your arm, fully intending to pull you off and drag you out to the swimming pool. But I have enough sense just to tug on it a little bit.* Please?

Arctic Ice Bobby: No, you're not going swimming because you'll drown! ::I push the tubs of ice cream back into the fridge and drag you along with me back up the stairs. Cheating a little, I make you feel a little cold through my touch:: Come on, at least get more clothing to wear. Its so chilly tonight.

xpyrojohnx: *I glare.* You're cheating, I can see the ice, I'm drunk not blind! *i stick my tongue out at you in a very childish way before yawning.* But I don't wanna go back to the room, I want to go outside. I could make a campfire! *I grin*

Arctic Ice Bobby: ::I roll my eyes:: Sure John, whatever you say. ::I drag you up back to our room with or without your consent and close the door behind us:: Off to bed, John. I'm going to sleep, and I don't suggest you go wandering off by your self. God knows how much trouble you get into sober, but no one could imagine what would happen when you're drunk

xpyrojohnx: *I glare at you.* You're no fun, why can't you be more fun? Why do you have to be so sensible? Is it because I didn't take you drinking? Or is it because I went off with Magneto, cause that was a momentary lack of intelligence. I never meant to hurt you, Icecube. *I grin.* And I don't get into trouble. Trouble gets into me!

Arctic Ice Bobby: ::Looking a little edgy, I merely climb back on to the bed and tuck my blankets in around me:: Get yourself into bed John, and don't quarrel with me. I don't care what you think, but if you don't go back to sleep, you'll probably get yourself into a lot of trouble and I'll tell Kitty and you'll be in a lot of trouble. My last resort would be to freeze you in a block of ice. You wouldn't like that, would you?

xpyrojohnx: *I get into bed.* No, blocks of ice aren't fun. I don't like the cold, never have, don't like winter. I like the summer and the sunshine and the fire, I like the fire when burns and when it's warm, but I don't like burning houses down, that's not so fun. *I mumble the last few words as I slowly fall asleep.*

Arctic Ice Bobby: ::Hearing the faltering of your voice, I sigh in relief and cuddle into my own blankets and pillows:: Thank god he's decided to sleep this time ::I murmur quietly to myself as I take a last peek at you to see that you're okay before succumbing to sleep myself::

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