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Kurt Wagner

Ororo: *The papers are graded, the kids are supposedly in bed. I'm sitting in bed reading, grateful for the quiet.*

Kurt: *I walk through the hallways of the school, until I find the door I knew to be yours. I wanted to see you before I crawled into bed, though I wasn't sure if you had fallen asleep just yet. I knocked softly on your door.*

Ororo: Just a minute. *I pull my robe on and walk to the door.* Kurt! *I hug you tightly.* When did you get back?

Kurt: Hello, Ororo. *I hug you tightly* I just got here a little while ago, actually. I wanted to see you, to see if you had gone to sleep yet. I missed you.

Ororo: *I take your hand and pull you into my room.* I missed you too. *I kiss you softly*

Kurt: *I return your kiss, my eyes shutting momentarily. I smile at you as I pull away. I look at you for a moment, before looking up into your eyes* I'm glad I didn't get here any later. I didn't want to have to wait until the morning to have to see you again.

Ororo: I'm glad you didn't wait. *I wrap my arms around your waist, leaning my head against your shoulder.* I was afraid that you were never coming back.

Kurt: Never coming back? *I kiss your head softly, looking down at you. I wrap my arms around you, holding you close to me.* I will always come back, to wherever you are.

Ororo: *I close my eyes and breathe deeply.* Thank you. *I step back, rubbing at my eyes.* Things are better around here. John came back, with another mutant in tow. Scott is doing better. He's spending a lot of time with Logan.

Kurt: That's good to hear. And perhaps Logan provides some sort of comfort to Scott? *I shrug slightly, and kiss your cheek softly.*

Ororo: Probably. *I blush slightly.* It seems that the school is pairing off and I was left by myself. I've been missing you terribly.

Kurt: I missed you terribly too, and I came here as soon as I could.

Ororo: *I smile.* And I thank you for that. *I kiss you, trying to keep it light so my desire doesn't frighten you away again.*

Kurt: *I return your kiss, resting my hands on your waist. I hold you close to me, allowing the kiss to linger. I don't particularly want to pull away, though I know if I do not...*

Ororo: *I break the kiss and place my hands on your chest.* If this goes any further, I'm not going to want to stop. I need to know what you want.

Kurt: *I look at you momentarily, my eyes meeting yours. I run one of my hands down your side, leaning in to kiss you softly, quickly.* I'm not going to want to stop, if this goes any further either. *I pause momentarily, wanting desperately to resume kissing you.* What I want...

Ororo: *I drop my head.* If you want to wait... *I take a deep breath and let it out slowly.*.....that's ok. I don't want to come between you and your faith.

Kurt: *I run my fingers along your cheek, lifting your lips up to mine, kissing you softly. After pulling away from the kiss, I look down at you* I don't think I ever truly said I wanted to wait, Ororo.

Ororo: *I take your hand and lead you over to my bed. I kiss you deeply, tangling my fingers in your hair.* I don't want to wait either.

Kurt: *I allow you to lead you over towards the bed, pausing only for a moment before returning your kiss. My hands rest on your waist, pulling you somewhat closer to me.*

Ororo: *I press my body close to yours, wanting you to feel how much I want this, want you.*

Kurt: *I deepen the kiss, my arms wrapping around you for a moment, holding you close to me. I slip off the robe you had pulled on before you had before answering the door, allowing it to fall to the floor.*

Ororo: *I gently kiss your neck, running my tongue along your scars. I sit on the bed, tugging you after me.*

Kurt: *Allowing myself to be pulled down onto the bed with you, my eyes close for a moment. I run a hand through your hair as you move your kisses to my neck.*

Ororo: *I slowly unbutton your shirt, placing kisses on your chest.* If you want me to stop, I will. *I lightly suck your nipple.*

Kurt: *I nod, sighing softly at the feeling of your lips on my skin.* Of course...

Ororo: *I untuck your shirt and pull it off your arms.* Tell me want, what you'd like..

Kurt: *I lean in, and kiss you softly, shrugging the shirt off my shoulders.* What I want, Ororo? *I press my lips against your neck, very lightly* I'm not sure you need to ask.

Ororo: *A soft moan escapes my lips when I feel your lips. My eyes flutter closed.* So long... it's been so long... please, don't stop...

Kurt: *I continue to kiss along your neck, my hands slipping underneath your shirt for just a
moment. One of my hands trails along your smooth skin, just wanting to take in the feeling of you, as my lips still kissing along your neck*

Ororo: *I gasp when I feel your hands. I pull back and remove the pajama top. I wrap my arms around you, pressing us close together.* I'm yours to explore, touch me, taste me, whatever you want.

Kurt: *My hands move along your newly exposed skin. One of my fingers flicks over one of your nipples, as I move my kisses slightly down your neck.*

Ororo: *I moan softly as I feel your hands on my oversensitive skin. It's all I can do to stay still, to let you explore me at your own pace.*

Kurt: *I move my kisses down one of your breasts, my lips moving over the nipple there. My tongue flicks out momentarily, along the sensitive skin of your nipple*

Ororo: Oh... god... *I tangle my fingers in your hair and arch into your touch.* Kurt...

Kurt: *My tongue traces around your nipple, as one of my hands plays with your other breast. After a moment, I pull away, moving my kisses to your other breast.*

Ororo: *I slowly lean back onto the pillows to give you more access, and to make me more comfortable. I lightly run my hands over your arms and back.*

Kurt: *I lean up towards you, kissing you softly, moving my kisses to your neck, up to your ear. I whisper softly* I want to know what you want, Ororo.

Ororo: You. I want to feel your skin on mine. I want to feel you inside me. *I whisper, my voice breathless with need.*

Kurt: *I slide my hand down your side, moving to remove the rest of your pajamas. I press my lips against yours, kissing you*

Ororo: *I kiss you hungrily, licking at your lips. I moan when I feel your hands on my skin..*

Kurt: *I slip the remainder of your pajamas off of you, allowing them to go to the floor. My eyes meet yours for a moment, as I shift slightly, moving one of my hands down to my own pants, as I begin to undo the fastenings of the pants. I lean down to kiss you, passionately.*

Ororo: *I move my hands, meeting yours. I brush your hand away and slowly unzip and unbutton your pants. I slip my hand inside to feel you, lightly running my fingers up your length.*

Kurt: *As you brush my hand away, I move it along your body, along one of your bare breasts. I moan softly into the kiss at the feeling of your fingers along my length.*

Ororo: *I push your pants and underwear over your hips, as far as my arms will reach. *I settle for running my hands over the newly exposed skin.*

Kurt: *I manage to push the pants and underwear the rest of the way off. I shift my weight slightly, positioning myself above you, leaning down to kiss you softly.*

Ororo: *I kiss you back, hard and deep. I run my hands over your bottom, sighing at the feel of it.*

Kurt: *I kiss you, my tongue slipping into your mouth, taking in the taste of you. After a moment, I slowly slide into you, my eyes slipping closed for a moment.*

Ororo: *I moan when I feel you enter me. I close my eyes and open my legs for you.* Oh.... Kurt..

Kurt: *I move my kisses from your lips to your neck, kissing you softly there, as I begin moving within you.*

Ororo: *I moan loudly and hold you tightly against me, my fingers tangled in your hair.*

Kurt: *I press my lips against the skin of your neck, moving my kisses up to just underneath your ear, as I continue to move within you, my pace quickening.*

Ororo: *I raise my hips to meet your thrusts, groaning softly. I turn my head, giving you access to my neck.*

Kurt: *Slowly speeding up the pace, I moan softly, at the combination of the sounds coming from you, and the tightening sensations in my groin.*

Ororo: *I hear a soft whimpering keen come from my lips. I arch my back, feeling the vaguely familiar knot in my abdomen.*

Kurt: *After finding a pace that I feel halfway comfortable with, I remain with that pace. After a moment, though, I speed up the pace slightly.*

Ororo: *I moan loudly.* Oh... god... Kurt... faster.. please..

Kurt: *I move faster within you, my eyes running over you for a moment before I lean down to kiss you softly once more.*

Ororo: *I deepen the kiss, kissing back hungrily, moaning into your mouth.*

Kurt: *My eyes flutter closed, as the kiss is deepened. I continue to quicken the pace, the tingling feeling within my groin becoming almost uncontrollable, and I'm not sure how much longer I have left.*

Ororo: *I feel the knot inside me break. I cry out as my orgasm washes over me.* Kurt...

Kurt: *I moan as my body orgasms, my body releasing. I kiss you softly, running my fingers through your hair*

Ororo: *I hold you tightly through the aftershocks, feeling floaty.* Thank you. Thank you for coming back to me.

Kurt: *I look at you for a moment, before slowly pulling out of you, and kissing you softly.* I will always come back to you, Ororo.

Ororo: *I wrap my arms around you.* Please stay. I don't want to let go of you right now.

Kurt: *I nod, and lay down beside you* Of course I'll stay. *I wrap my arms around you, holding you close to me.*

Ororo: *I lean over and turn off the lamp on the night stand. I lay my head on your chest.* Thank you... thank you for everything.
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