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OOC: This happened yesterday, not today. Just for reference.

xpyrojohnx: *I walk down the hall, clutching a wooden box. I'm actually nervous, although I don't think that anybody would notice unless they were either psychic or knew me really well. I come to your door and I hesitate for a moment before knocking on it, part of me wishing that you're not there so I have a reason to go back to my room and not give you anything.*

kttpryde: *Sitting up at the desk Rogue and I share, I'm working away at my bubblegum pink Imac. My fingers quickly hit off of the keys as I attempt to hack into the Professor's personal account. The temptation to check my grades has finally gotten to me and though I'm breaking a million school rules, right now I don't care. Not bothering to stop working when I hear a knock on my door, I shout in reply* It's open! C'mon in! *My typing stops suddenly as I reconsider this statement and then quickly add* Unless you're a teacher!

xpyrojohnx: *I take a moment to wonder what in the hell your doing before opening the door and stepping into the room.* What are you doing? And is it illegal? *I walk over to your bed and sit on the edge of it, resting the box on my knees and I glance at the image that's burnt onto the front, a heart surrounded by flames.*

kttpryde: Of course it's not. *I scoff though my cheeks are turning a faint pink. Glancing sideways at you and realising you aren't going to leave anytime soon, I let out a frustrated sigh before turning back to the computer screen. With a few simple clicks I've erased all knowledge of my access from the Professor's history and when that's done I shut down the machine. Turning in my seat, I look expectantly at you* So, what can I do for you?

xpyrojohnx: *I look at you for a moment before offering the box to you.* Happy two month anniversary or something. Think of an occasion and add 'happy' before it. *I realise that I'm babbling slightly so I decide to just close my mouth and wait for you to take the box.*

kttpryde: *Blinking, I stare blankly at you for a moment before shaking off my daze and hopping out my seat* Aw, you shouldn't have. *Grinning* But I'm glad you did 'cause like, presents rock.*Sitting down next to you, I take the box out of your hands and inspect it carefully, noting the image on the front with interest* Pretty. *I then take the lid off and set it down on the bed before beginning to go through the items inside. I notice the letter first and proceed to read it in absolute silence. When I'm finished, I turn and and put my arms around you in a tight hug* That's just...I love you, John.

xpyrojohnx: *I smile with relief that you didn't read it and laugh at me or do any of the things that my slightly over active imagination came up with and I put my arms around you, returning your hug.* Love you too, Kitty. *I break the hug and grin.* Why don't we go through some of these things then? *I wrap my arm around your waist, still smiling at you.*

kttpryde: Okay. *Balancing the box on my knees, I leaf through its contents, smiling at the ticket stubs and the birthday present receipt. When I come to a faded photograph that's seen much better days, I pull it out and study the people in the picture. I immediately recognize you -a much younger you- but the rest are strangers. Hesitantly, I begin to ask* Is that your...

xpyrojohnx: My family? Yeah. It was taken on my 15th Birthday, two weeks before I ran away. *I push a hand through my hair as I stare at the photo.* You asked about them, remember? *I smile slightly.* I thought you might like a photo of them and I trust you with it.

kttpryde: Don't worry, I'll keep it safe. *I promise with a smile, reaching down and feeling under my bed for a moment before I pull out what looks like a large book. Flicking it open, I reveal it to be a photo album and once I've found a spare sleeve, I tuck the photo of your family into it carefully. Putting the album back under the bed, I look seriously at you* But if you ever want it back then just say, alright?

xpyrojohnx: *I nod.* If I want it, I'll ask for it, but for now it's yours. I might come in to look at it occasionally though.*I smile slightly.* So, do you want to carry on looking in the box? *I try to change the subject so that I don't have to think or talk about my family any more for the moment.*

kttpryde: 'Course I do. *Noticing another two photographs -this time of the two of them- that she can't remember being taken, Kitty frowns* Okay, someone really has to get Rogue to stop watching those old detective movies. Her sneakiness is getting a little bit worrying. *I find a bottle of aspirin amongst the other items and hold it up for you to see. Looking slightly confused* Pills? Which is nice and all but I haven't really gotten migraines since I was like, twelve or something.

xpyrojohnx: From when I was hungover and you gave me aspirin and offered me sex, remember? *I smirk at you before changing the subject.* And it's possible that we're just easy to sneak up on rather than Rogue being sneaky. *I pick up the one of us kissing.* I doubt that we were paying much attention to who was coming in and out of the room when this was taken.

kttpryde: *Realisation dawns on me and I grin* Oh, gotcha now. So is that so I'm prepared next time, then? *Snatching the photo off you quickly and putting it back in the box* That's not getting waved around, anyone could see it! *I fight off the blush that's threatening to stain my cheeks and shrug* I hate to say it but you're probably right. But I still think she needs to seriously cut down on those movies. You have no idea how many times she's made me watch Inspector Gadget with her. *Shuddering just at the thought of the movie, I quickly move on to something else* A beer mat? *I give you a slightly confused look before turning it over in my hands and seeing the initials on the back* J.A. 4 K.P. hmm? Wonder who that could be.

xpyrojohnx: *I roll my eyes.* I have no idea, really. *I grin at you.* But I seem to write it a lot on beermats while I'm drunk off my ass. That was from the only bar in Westchester that will serve me and was written when I decided to get drunk before finals. *I explain, still grinning.*

kttpryde: I wouldn't have thought any bar in Westchester would have been brave enough to sell alcohol to minors. *Kitty mused as she pulled out a box of matches and remarked knowingly* Another bar, hmm? *Moving on, her interest was perked when she came across a CD. It was soon lost again though when she realised she didn't recognise the band* The Dashboard Confessionals?

xpyrojohnx: They did the song that I sang to you while I was drunk, the song's called Hands Down and is the first track on it. You'll probably hate it though as it's not pop music, although it's not exactly rock music either. Kinda mellow, actually. Mainly accoustic stuff, it's not like Finch or anything. *I shrug slightly.* And yeah, Empire's a place in NYC, I drowned my sorrows there once while being an angsty teenager and picked up the matches for obvious reasons.

kttpryde: *Smirking slightly* That's sweet of you but I think I'll probably prefer your version than the actual band's. *I give you a disapproving look* You spend far too much time drowing your sorrows, all that alcohol isn't good for your liver. *I'm about to lecture you some more on the effects of alcohol abuse when I suddenly notice a picture of a little kitten* Aw, that is so cute!

xpyrojohnx: Hey! I only drowned my sorrows twice! And the time in NYC was allowed, I was upset and stressed and feeling very guilty and it was either that or me doing something stupid like comitting several acts of arson and either getting arrested or ending up dead! Alcohol looked like a nicer option! *I rant, completly ignoring the fact that you're going 'awwww' over the kitten.* And the second time was just stupidity. *I pout before noticing the picture of the kitten that your holding and I take it from you and turn it over.* There.

kttpryde: *Too busy cooing over the kitten to even pretend that I'm listening to what you're saying, I'm slightly surprised when you suddenly turn the picture over* Hey, I was looking at...*I trail off when I notice the scrawl on the back and smile at you* Pretty kitty, hmm? That's kinda cute.

xpyrojohnx: It's obnoxiously cute, but the name suits you. Even if just calling you pretty is an understatement. *I grin slightly and I wonder how much you will blush if I keep the compliments going.* If I was accurate I would say beautiful, gorgeous or maybe I would call you the most beautiful girl that I've ever seen. However, unfortunately, none of those rhyme with your name so you're stuck with pretty.

kttpryde: You're completely delusional *I mutter in response to your list of compliments* But I guess the nickname could be worse. *Quickly adding with a shake of my head* And no, I don't need any examples thank-you.

xpyrojohnx: I'm not delusional, I was telling the truth, but if you don't want me to compliment you then I wont, just don't get in a huff when I'm not telling you how great you look. *I smirk.* And are you sure you don't need any examples? Cause I'm sure I could come up with something.

kttpryde: *Nodding* I'm positive. And if you feel the sudden need to, then just remember that I can always short-circuit your CD Player and hack into the Prof's computer to change your grades. *Grinning almost evilly* And we wouldn't all your hard work to go to waste, would we?

xpyrojohnx: Actually it was more Rogue's hard work, she was the one that tracked me down and forced me to study while threatening to tell you all my secrets if I didn't. Also, I was studying from her notes. So really, none of it was really my work. *I match your evil grin.* And do you really want to change my grades and piss off the girl that can kill with a touch?

kttpryde: *Pretending to think about* Well...*I shake my head and grin* Nope, gotta say I value my life over changing your grades. *Glancing at my computer for a second before turning back to you* But, um, speaking of hacking, I've got some....stuff that I need to finish off.

xpyrojohnx: I don't think I want to know what you're up to. *I grin.* Just don't get caught, okay? Cause then they'll never let you go home, however that will mean that I would get to stay so if you really want to get caught, I wont stop you. *I smile gently.* I hope you liked the present.

kttpryde: I won't get caught, I never do *I reply confidently. Smiling at you, I nod my head* I loved it. It was perfect and thoughtful and I can't thank you enough. *Leaning over I give you a quick kiss and grin* But thanks again.

xpyrojohnx: *I grin and raise my eyebrows suggestively.* I'm sure you can think of some suitable way to thank me. *I lean in and kiss you softly and then smile.* I'll never get used to the fact that I can kiss you without you slapping me. *I murmur softly before smiling.* I'll let you get back to your hacking now. *I grin and stand up, heading to the door.* I'll see you later, Pretty Kitty.

kttpryde: It's not hacking it'*Unable to come up with another word to describe my illegal computer skills, I just shrug and smile sheepishly* Well okay, maybe it is hacking. Just don't tell anyone, 'kay? *I give you a little wave before putting the box away* See you!

xpyrojohnx: *I nod.* Right, no telling, got it. *I smile at you before opening the door and walking out of your room to my own room where I plan to finish packing for the trip of doom.*

To Kitty,

This is the second letter that I’ve written to you now and I have realised that although I am not always good at expressing myself there are some things that are better written down than said.

Things like, I love you and I don’t want to loose you, and I’m sorry.

I’m sorry for kissing you that day at the train station because I shouldn’t have. I shouldn’t have started something when I knew that I was leaving and when I thought that I was never coming back, but I just couldn’t help myself. I didn’t want to leave you forever without kissing you just once; I wanted to know what you tasted like, what your lips felt like under mine. I didn’t want to leave you forever without experiencing that. I know it was selfish and that I should have thought of you. But that was two months ago.

Two months ago I was angry at the world and everything in it, specifically at you, Bobby and Rogue. You took my lighter that day before I kissed you and then you gave me a necklace which I still wear all the time. Since that day lots of things have happened, I ran off and dragged you to New York City (well dragged might be the wrong word), I came home, we’ve fought and made up, I spent a fortune on your birthday present and I managed to get obnoxiously drunk and for some reason you tended to me while I was hungover and then there were finals. So much has happened and so much has yet to happen, but for now I’ll let things happen as they happen.

This box is full of things that remind me of the last two months with you and I want you to have it because I know that you’ll treasure it.

Love you always,

St. John Allerdyce.

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